20 Coffee Shop, Coffee House and Cafe Logos

While looking through the logo idea books at my local bookstore, I noticed that many of the examples come from the coffee industry. I thought it might be nice to see some of them grouped together, so get your caffeine on.

starbucks logo

Caribou Coffee

caribou coffee


Seattle’s Best

seattle’s best

Coffee Beanery

Java Jungle

Kapow! Coffee

Freshy’s Coffee

Cafe Darclee

Blue Spoon Coffee

All City Coffee

Blue Dog Coffee House

Ritual Roasters


Spike’s Coffees and Teas

Perk’s Coffee

Gloria Jeans Coffee

Mocca Lounge

Black Dog Coffee House

Perks Coffee

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    This is a nice collection (Ritual Roasters looks like they should be headquartered in the former USSR).

    And although I’m tired of everything “Starbucks,” I have to say that I still like their logo (and the seemingly random mermaid/siren)…

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    @Samuel – You got me thinking about the origin of the Starbucks logo so I did a quick search and here’s what I found if you’re interested.
    Still doesn’t explain why a siren was chosen though. Fish people and coffee, I guess I can see the connection.

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    I’m finding it a little alarming that out of these 20 coffee shop logos, dogs are featured almost as often as mugs.

    Dogs and coffee, I guess I can see the connection?

    Thanks for the gallery tour…I love what makes them the same and what makes them different.

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    Dogs, Caribou and Sirens, Oh My.

  • Jason Ulbright

    what, no It’s A Grind logo? I guess, being featured on every episode of Weeds is enough. 😉

  • Susan Herman

    They are out of business now, but I always loved the logo for The Drinkmore Cafe (Seattle) ~ just one store, but they incorporated a whole ‘carpe diem’ like philosophy in their logo. And the colors wake you up almost as much as the coffee! In case you want to add more logos to your list – here’s the link:

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    Hey thanks for listing our logo (Black Dog Coffeehouse). If you go to our website (www.bdcoffeehouse.com) you can see our new logo – and we have a few variations as well.